Youth Lawyer in Toronto, ON – Lawyer for Young Persons and for People with Special Needs (e.g. Aspergers Syndrome)

Facing a police investigation, questions by police, criminal charges or an arrest is scary and a bad outcome can be devastating to anyone’s future – especially for youth and people with special needs such as Aspergers Syndrome or Autism.

Dan Johnson, a Criminal Lawyer for youth offender cases, can guide clients and their parents through the complexities and options in the youth criminal system, for charges ranging from simple assault to attempted murder.

As a parent of a special needs child, Dan Johnson is aware of the issues, knows how to communicate with his clients with care and respect, and understands the concerns of their parents.

Not only is Dan Johnson an experienced criminal lawyer, he has an MBA (Masters of Business Administration) and business experience.

Dan applies his vast experience mediating and negotiating advantageous outcomes in both business and criminal matters.

  • Dan will get the situation resolved with MAXIMUM DISPATCH
  • He will AVOID OR MINIMIZE THE RISKS youth face
  • Dan will negotiate to have your or your child’s charges dropped entirely or reduced and the sentence minimized; and if the charges go to trial, he will defend you or your child vigorously


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