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Why choose Dan Johnson Criminal Lawyer?

I understand the RISKS you face
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What Dan Johnson Brings to Your Defence

A lawyer since 1980, Dan Johnson is very experienced at defending people charged with criminal offences. He is principal of Dan Johnson Criminal Law in Toronto.

Dan Johnson’s approach in defending your case

1Dan applies his background in negotiation to get your charges dropped entirely or reduced, and your sentence or fine minimized.

2Dan defends you vigorously if the charges go to trial.

Criminal Lawyer helping Clients in Toronto, Ontario - Dan Johnson

In the past Dan Johnson also worked as a Per Diem Crown Attorney. This understanding of the police and prosecutors’ perspectives helps him identify and evaluate options for his clients and achieve the best results possible given their specific circumstances.

  • Professional Associations

    • Law Society of Upper Canada
    • Canadian Bar Association
    • Toronto Lawyers Association
    • Criminal Lawyers’ Association
    • ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) Institute of Ontario, Inc., which promotes ADR (and Past Co-Chair, Restorative Justice section, ADR Institute)
    • York Regional Law Association
    • Peel Law Association

  • Representing the Criminal Lawyers’ Association

    • 2013 – 2015, member of the Criminal Lawyers’ Association Legal Aid Committee’s Aboriginal Client Sub-Committee
    • 2012 – 2015, co-represented the Criminal Lawyers’ Association on both the Operations Committee, and the Bench and Bar Committee at Old City Hall, Toronto
    • 2009 – 2015, represented the Criminal Lawyers’ Association on the Gladue Operations Committees at Old City Hall, Toronto and at College Park, Toronto

  • Publication

    • Article “Practical Tips for Representing an Aboriginal Accused” published in “For the Defence — The Criminal Lawyers’ Association Newsletter” Vol. 33, No.3
      (June 2012)


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